How do I get started?

  1. Complete and submit the Admission Application and pay full tuition fees. Make checks payable to: UAMS/Schmieding Center. Click here to save money on your training!
  2. Submit two forms of identification; one form must include your photograph.
  3. Read the Student Guide and ask questions if necessary. (It is available online at http://www.schmiedingcenter.org/studentguide.pdf )
  4. Note any prerequisites or special course requirements.

Call 479-750-1989 for more details.   Visit our calendar of events for a schedule of upcoming classes.  

Home Caregiver Training

The Schmieding Certified Home Caregiver Training is a unique program designed to teach you to care for an older adult in the home. Training is divided into four courses. Each course enables you to advance your caregiving skills and competency. Courses are taught by nurses and other health care professionals. The Schmieding curriculum fulfills the training requirements of the Arkansas Medicaid Personal Care Training Program, Rules and Regulations for Home Health Agencies in Arkansas and Conditions of Participation: Home Health Agencies from the Federal Register.

Elder Pal
Home Care Specialist (HCS) Two Weeks , Day Schedule $500

A Schmieding Home Care Specialist (HCS) is an advanced home caregiver. In addition to basic home caregiver skills, the HCS course includes sessions on health literacy and communication. This unique training equips the HCS to recognize and communicate symptoms and concerns of chronic diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and other conditions which may prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and nursing home stays for their clients. The additional skills taught in this course focus on helping older adults enjoy the benefits of living independently in their home for as long as possible.

Alzheimer's & Dementia
Alzheimers Disease & Dementia (AD) Four Days, Evening Schedule $150

The AD course describes the stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and various types of dementia. It provides valuable information about the needs and care of a person with dementia including how to manage difficult behaviors.


Home Care Assistant
In Home Assistant (IHA) Two Weeks, Evening Schedule $250

This 40 hour course satisfies the training required by Arkansas law for caregivers who are paid to provide care in the home of a person who is 50 years of age or older. IHA training provides the caregiver with basic safety and support skills. Graduates are prepared to work with clients who need assistance to remain in the home.


Home Care Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Three Weeks , Day Schedule $600

In this 96 hour course students are prepared to work as a CNA. Basic nursing assistant duties are taught including: infection control, body mechanics, personal care, and vital signs.
A current TB skin test is required for the 16 hour clinical rotation that is done at a long term care facility. When a student completes their CNA training at Schmieding they become eligible to take the state certification exam that is given by Prometric.


Learning Environment

Caregiving skills are taught in a home-like environment that prepares you to work in a home setting. Nurses and other health care professionals teach the courses and use a variety of teaching methods to enhance your learning experience. Class sizes are limited to 12 students per course so that each student is able to receive the individualized attention that they deserve.

Caregiver Directory

The Caregiver Directory is a list of graduates who are interested in providing home care. It serves as a link between a graduate of the Schmieding program and individuals who are seeking to hire a professionally trained caregiver. There is no cost to sign up; however, graduates are required to attend 12 hours of continuing education each year to remain on the directory. Click here for caregiver directory

Other Training Locations

Find a Schmieding Home Caregiver training program near you:

Other locations in Arkansas: www.uamscaregiving.org